Union Bicycles

100 Years of proven quality

We're Union, a Dutch bike builder since 1904. We’re committed to the highest production standard, because riders in Holland rely on their bicycles for daily use. At Union, each individual part has to meet strict standards, so our bikes can cope with any weather condition. 

A Union isn’t just a great means of inner city transportation; it’s reliable, eco-friendly and a fun way to stay in shape. Enjoy bicycling in a relaxed way, on a true quality bike. To read more about the Union brand click here.

EFactor Bike Buddy program

Friends on bikesAround the world bicycling is trendy right now. The Dutch have been riding bikes for over a century already, and at Union we have been involved from the early days. We love bicycling, and decided to promote it with the EFactor Bike-Buddy program. Union believes in sharing the joy of riding with friends. And what better way than to buddy up and buy two bikes with a Bike-Buddy discount?

How it works

If you order any two bikes from our website, both you and your buddy will get a 30% discount, plus free shipping. Just follow the standard order procedure, then at Step 2 enter coupon code:  EFactor to activate your discount. It’s that simple.

We strive to deliver your bikes within 5-10 working days. For more information about our Bike-Buddy program click here.